CompuCom Solutions Inc. is a full-service IT company with unrivaled expertise in networking, cabling, computer consulting, computer service, web design, computer hardware and software support and sales. CompuCom Solutions has been headquartered in Burnaby and serving the Great Vancouver Area since 2004.

We offer drop-off, walk-in, onside pickup service, and provide the best value in sales, repair, and training to maximize the level of satisfaction our customers derive from their home and business computer systems.

In today’s complex business environment, successful companies depend on reliable computer systems. CompuCom Solutions offers a full rage of IT services and IT solutions to meet all of your business needs.

Many companies have separate support companies handling their software, hardware, networking, web design and sales needs. This separation of duties creates extra overhead and causes confusion and finger pointing. Having a single point of contact allows you to effectively manage the overall process with maximum efficiency.